Running & Cycling Clinic

Are you a runner or cyclist or would you like to become either of the two?  We can help you minimise your risk of injury and, in many cases, improve your output.

How is this done for running?

At Woden Integrated Physiotherapy, both John Winsbury and Martin Pogson are interested in running and how best to treat and prevent running injuries. They can assess your running style and, if needed, work with you to change it to a more effective pattern. This will often involve home exercises, incorporating technique and strength work to improve your running speed, technique and endurance. 

John and Martin will assess your running while on the treadmill in the clinic so you will need to bring your running shoes and shorts to your appointment. If the assessment reveals any musculoskeletal issues (e.g. tight muscles or joints), hands on physiotherapy will be used to relieve or improve this. As a running coach and Physiotherapist, John  can also use his extensive running experience to suggest a training program for you.

How is this done for cycling?

John Winsbury has specialised in bike setup for cyclists. In John's experience, the most common complaints from cyclists tend to be knee, back and neck pain along with sitting pain from the saddle. John will assess and measure you on your own bike in the clinic by using a wind trainer, and he will work with you to identify your own optimal bike set up. If the assessment reveals any musculoskeletal tightness or weakness, John will help you to address this with physiotherapy and exercises to increase your riding efficiency, speed and endurance.