Sports Injuries

At Woden Integrated Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists understand the benefit that regular physical activity has on the body and mind. Therefore, we are huge advocates of keeping you moving and enjoying the activities that you gain pleasure from, whether it be at an elite level or purely for recreational purposes. If an injury restricts or prevents you from participating in your chosen activity, it is our goal to return you as safely and as soon as possible to your normal routine. 

Whilst the research into sporting injuries is forever growing, our physiotherapists keep up to date with best practice for sports injury management. Their extensive knowledge will not only aid in injury management, but can also help you return to an active lifestyle, provide appropriate loading advice in pursuit of your desired fitness goals, enhance performance and help you to prevent further injury.

If you are looking to be thoroughly assessed and diagnosed, have an injury management plan developed specifically for you, or be provided with advice on further investigations to consider, then please contact Woden Integrated Physiotherapy to book an assessment with one of our physiotherapists.