Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common types of injury treated at Woden Integrated Physiotherapy. Most people tend to experience some degree of low back pain during their lifetime, and back pain can occur for a variety of different reasons.

It is not unusual for people to know someone who has had ‘chronic’ lower back problems for years, and a lot of our clients are desperate not to become ‘that person’ whose back never seems to get better. The great news is, with the right treatment and exercise program, one of our brilliant physiotherapists can get you back on the right track.

The best way of determining the right treatment program is by ascertaining what the cause of the problem is. The most common causes are listed below, but every person is different and will need a program tailored to their needs.

Disc Injuries

This one is the one that scares most people. This injury is often accompanied by acute pain caused by a seemingly minor incident (such as doing up your shoes) but is usually the cumulative result of repetitive movements beforehand. It can also be from a not so minor incident, such as lifting something with either poor technique or that is too heavy. Short term treatment for this kind of injury usually involves manual therapy for pain relief and to restore movement. The longer term approach is to develop a tailored exercise program aimed at restoring fluid inside the disc and strengthening the muscles surrounding your back

Joint Injuries

Similar, to disc injuries, joint problems can also be from an acute injury or an issue that can creep up on you and become niggling and then painful over a period of time. Treatment for this injury is to retain normal movement within the joint and maintain it in this position. This often involves assessing contributing factors such as your workstation setup, lifting technique or sitting position.


When osteoarthritis affects your spine it is called ‘spondylosis’.  The management of spondylosis is very similar to how we treat arthritis in other joints. While arthritis cannot be cured (yet!), manual therapy can help significantly by working on joint range of motion and controlling any associated pain. Our other role is in implementing exercise programs to benefit your movement patterns and overall wellbeing, and working this into your lifestyle.


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